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| Friday, 8 November 2013

Rabba Main Kya Karoon is 2013 Hindi Romantic Comedy film directed by Amrit Sagar Chopra and produced by Moti Sagar. The film features Akash Chopra, Arshad Warsi, Paresh Rawal, Tahira Kocchar and Riya Sen as main characters.
Rabba Main Kya Karoon story revolves around two brothers Arshad Warsi & his younger cousin brother Akash Chopra who is getting married lavishly in a typical Indian style in Delhi.
The story further leads to a high point when Akash’s elder brother Arshad Warsi and his three mama’s played by Paresh Rawal, Tinnu Anand and Shakti Kapoor teach him the key success to a successful married life and according to them that is “In Order to live a happy married life, one must cheat on his wife!”.
User Review:-
'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' is A Likable Rom-Com, that surprises its viewer. Its funny & entertaining at most parts, although monotony is its biggest downer.

'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' Synopsis: A few days before his marriage, a bachelor gets influenced by his older brother to do all the wrong things.

'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' begins well & the comedic moments work nicely. Its the second-hour that disheartens. The sequences get repetitive & even the humor seems forced. In short, a better second-hour was needed. The Screenplay has merits, but lacks innovation in the second-hour. Amrit Sagar Chopra's Direction is decent. Cinematography is fine. Editing is well-done.

Performance-Wise: Arshad Warsi is top-notch. His impeccable comic-timing & self-confidence make him the scene-stealer here. Akash Chopra is alright. Tahira Kocchar has the potential to become a fine performer. Riya Sen is adequate. Paresh Rawal, Tinnu Anand, Rakesh Bedi & Shakti Kapoor contribute wonderfully. Raj Babbar is good. Himani Shivpuri is as usual.

On the whole, 'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' is a decent watch.
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