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| Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ghost Shark is a 2013 Syfy television horror sci-fi directed by Griff Furst. The film is premiered on the Syfy channel on August 22, 2013.
When a great white eats the potential catch of a fisherman, the fisherman and his daughter violently retaliate by sadistically torturing and killing the shark, whose corpse then sinks to the bottom of an underwater cave and is subsequently resurrected as a ghost shark due to the cave's unique properties. Now hungry for revenge, the ghost shark eats his killers along with the captain of their boat, eventually setting its sights on the rest of the local community in the seaside town of Harmony. Due to the great white's new spectral form, it can attack and kill anyone as long as there is even the smallest amount of water nearby, including swimming pools, baths and showers, puddles, rain, and even a cup of water, killing dozens of people in countless locations. With the mayor and local authorities unwilling to believe in such a state of events, Ava Conte (Mackenzie Rosman), who is motivated to put an end to the specter after it devours her father and several friends, teams up with a local drunken sea captain named Finch (Richard Moll), who claims to know the secrets to the shark's newfound form, to lay the creature to rest once and for all.
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After several of their friends are killed, a group of friends try to convince the authorities that the culprit was a spectral great white shark, but when no one believes them they are forced to go out alone to defeat the bloodthirsty, murderous spirit.

This here was quite an enjoyable and entertaining Sci-Fi Channel effort. One of the only complaints to be found here is the same common attribute found in the majority of their films, the lame CGI that's found in bringing the shark to life. While it is a ghost in this case and a lot of it's scenes are then by-design supposed to be off, as well as the storyline dictation of what it can do, but there's just far too much time given to this that it really becomes distracting after a while. That said, there's a lot to really like with this one that seems to be usual for such channels' film's penchant for supernatural-inflicted action scenes that could have no possible basis in reality, for here we have evidence the shark emerges from areas like a slip-n-slide, kitchen sink pipes, a garden hose used in a car wash, puddles and even the spray from a busted fire-hydrant, among other places of a similar caliber that are so far-fetched and ridiculous that there's no possible way it conveys any sense of reality. Trying to tie it into a historical-based reality with the implication of the ancient burial ground where it was spawned is a great move that at least offers a sense of balance for the ludicrous action presented, the method of finally defeating the creature is pretty inspired and there's naturally a lot of bloodied CGI death shots as people are bitten in half, decapitated, snacked on, chomped and dismembered here to provide some nifty gore scenes, all of which pace the film along and make it quite enjoyable overall.
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