The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 6 ("The Romance Resonance") HDTV Free Download

| Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 6 ("The Romance Resonance") HDTV Free Download:-
Sheldon calculates how to synthesize a new, stable super heavy element, but then realizes that his discovery was only due to a serendipitous mistake, which spoils his achievement making him feel like a fraud. While his friends, co-workers and the scientific community heap lavish praise on Sheldon, Sheldon wants everyone to stop the adulation. Amy finally tells him he is not deserving of the attention, which Sheldon surprisingly notes is the most romantic thing Amy could ever tell him. At the end of the episode, Amy is imagining what it would be like if Sheldon kissed her.
Howard gets everyone to join him in performing a song he wrote for Bernadette, to commemorate the anniversary of their first date. Bernadette has a lab accident handling a raccoon virus and is placed in quarantine. Howard and the gang go to the hospital and sing the song for her. Seeing this, Penny tries to do something romantic for Leonard, after he says that she never does anything like that. As she becomes more frustrated and asks Raj for help, she realizes that she has always been a recipient of romantic gestures and does not know how to do them for another. When she tells Leonard that she wishes she could be as romantic as he is, she produces a box with dozens of mementos - examples of romantic things Leonard has done during their time together. Leonard is shocked, and thinks that the mere fact that Penny has kept all these things is incredibly romantic. The two then share a long embrace.
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