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| Sunday, 20 October 2013

Breathe In is a 2013 American drama film directed by Drake Doremus and starring Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, and Amy Ryan. Written by Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones, the film is about a foreign exchange student who arrives in a small upstate New York town and challenges the dynamics of her host family's relationships, altering their lives forever. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2013—the director's third film to play at the festival.
Critical Reception:-
In his review for, Adam Chitwood gave the film an A– rating, noting that it is "rare to find a film of this kind that is genuinely moving without feeling overly manipulative or sappy". Chitwood continued:
Breathe In completely wraps the viewer up in the emotions of its characters and doesn't let go for 98 captivating, intense, and ultimately heartbreaking minutes. ... The connection between Keith and Sophie grows stronger over the course of the film, and it's clear that Sophie represents everything Keith loved about his previous life as a free and happy musician before Megan became pregnant and they were forced to retire to suburban life. On paper, this premise could easily be executed as bland and boring melodrama. Instead, Doremus steers the film with a delicate intimacy and maturity that wholly mesmerizes; every shot here is a gorgeous composition that serves the actors and story to great effect.
Chitwood thought the entire cast was "fantastic", singling out Pearce who "turns in one of the best performances of his career". Chitwood concludes, "With impeccable performances, inspired direction, beautiful cinematography, and a devastating story, Breathe In marks one of the best family dramas in recent years and a promisingly mature leap forward for director Drake Doremus."
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