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| Monday, 14 October 2013

Subhapradam  is a film directed by veteran director K. Viswanath, starring Allari Naresh and Manjari Phadnis.
Indu (Manjari Phadnis) is a music loving girl. Her mother is a Malayali and father (Vizag Prasad) Telugu. She has two younger paternal uncles (Ashok Kumar and Gundu Sudharshan) whose wives are from Chennai and Kolkata respectively. Thus entire India lives in her family.She is good at speaking Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Tamil. She happens to see Chakri (Allari Naresh),
accidentally who is a good singer but not a professional one. Chakri falls in her love and the response from other side also comes good. But Chakri has a peculiar profession that gets revealed amidst the movie. That is carrying the old and disabled on his back for climbing the hill which is the abode of a goddess.
But eventually, Indu happens to encounter a rich man (Sharath Babu) that turns her life. The major twist in the story appears there. Who is that rich man? The story goes like this. He had a grand daughter by name Sindhu who looks perfectly like Indu. Sindhu dies in an acid attack followed by ragging and hence when he sees the look-alike of his grand daughter in Indu, he follows her. What happens later becomes rest of the movie in this confused story line.
Director: K. Vishwanath
Writer: K. Vishwanath (story)
Stars: Manjari Phadnis, Allari Naresh, Sarath Babu
File Size : 700 MB



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