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| Monday, 14 October 2013
Ranga (Srikanth) is a thief who stays in a colony called Stuart Nagar. He was brought up by his grandmother (Sakuntala) He used to steal money from the houses of corrupt police officers, as they ca not even lodge a complaint about the theft in their house. His modus operandi is to spray sedative (chloroform) and steal the money and valuables.He also steals the stars on their uniform to prove that the person doesn"t deserve the stars on his shoulder. Ranga is a fan of Jayaprakash Reddy and he loves faction-oriented films and always dreams of moving like a faction leader
Stars: Srikanth, Vimala Raman, Ramya Krishnan 
File Size : 700 MB
Ranga The Donga(2010) Movie


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